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Description:   A php and MySQL driven web-gallery. Unlike those already availible this one should be VERY customisable, easy to setup, extend and expand.

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LIM Gallery The LIM Gallery - (Less Is More) is lightweight PHP Photogallery. The basic idea of this gallery was to create an online photo viewing tool that requires the least possible work to put up pictures on the internet. And to get a simple web-interface.

Lippu - Simple PHP Help Desk (helpdesk) A simple web based help desk with no need for a database as all data is stored in XML files. Features include: Job Allocation, Job Progress, Email Notifications, System Tray Notifications of New Jobs, Users can View Job Progress, Simple Statistics.

Arachnid Web Spider Framework Arachnid is a Java-based web spider framework. It includes a simple HTML parser object that parses an input stream containing HTML content. Simple Web spiders can be created by sub-classing Arachnid and adding a few lines of code called after each page

CMS little. (for simple webpages) A CMS intendeed for developers building up a simple web page with 50-100 subpages, includes WYSIWYG editor, File manager, user administrator manager and news manager.Simple to use template engine (just replace one file), supports Lightbox, YUIX and AJAX

Flexible Contact Book Simple, web-based contact management application, oriented to flexibility and customization. It is intended to be used standalone or as a module of other web-based or desktop applications.

KSMS bulk sms manager KSMS is a web-based interface to manager an SMS Gateway like kannel.The goals is an integrated users manager, sms templates, a flexible admin control panel.Sms bulk are sended through a simple web interface that can be made with to fit various send-syste

SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager) Simple Picture Gallery Manager is a PHP script which generates online photo albums and features very simple setup and update procedures. Highly configurable though, it includes several options for smooth integration.

Prost Web Server Prost Web Server is simple web server for quickly and easily starting of web server without good computer knowledge. Prost Web Server is 100% Python written.

Simple WEb Testing - Eiffel (swete) A cross platform console based regression test tool for web applications written in Eiffel. A proxy server records XML scripts with any web browser. Playback these scripts to verify the web application's output is unchanged.

Simple Web Automation Tool A Web Automation Tool which supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol, using LWP or Microsoft Internet Explorer as user agent, running with pre-defined cases stored in a XML file

Flexible SQL A Java api, for a flexible use of SQL with jdbc. It provides a simple log system, an automatic database use, a pool of connections for each database, a statistic report of databases use and other features.

Flexible Single Sign-on Solutions Extends the Name Service Switch (NSS) API, enabling superior integration with network databases. Various sources, such as MySQL, extend naming services such as /etc/passwd - allowing for better data management and single sign-on capabilities.

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